By May 2017…

  • The West Virginia Board of Education will support innovation in education by providing both financial resources and flexibility in the organization of the school day and school calendar to allow for expanded learning, teacher collaboration, and anytime/anywhere learning. House Bill 4295 has created a new Innovation in Education school designation and grant program in the areas of STEM, community-school partnerships, entrepreneurship, career pathways, and the arts. This Bill has repurposed existing funds to create a new fund of $2.5 million in grant funds to support school innovation plans. The West Virginia Board of Education will also support:
    • The Reimagined Time Initiative, which allows districts to apply for approval for flexibility in the organization of the “school day and calendar” to allow for expanded learning, time for teacher collaboration, anytime/anywhere learning, and virtual experiences.
    • The Assuring the Quality of Education Policy 2510, which establishes expectations and regulations to prepare students for a global society and ensuring that equal education opportunities exist for all students, including experiential learning and technology integration.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education will establish 9 Regional STEM education stakeholder work groups, establish Statewide STEM education taskforce, and release a series of STEM education white papers highlighting “education that works” including traditional and nontraditional settings focused on P – 20, along with before, during, and after school time.