Other Community-Based Organizations

By May 2017…

  • The Mentoring Partnership will enhance the youth development skills of 250 adults in the Remake Learning Network with Everyday Mentoring workshops.
  • The Wrinkled Brain Project will share the thought experiment model of teaching science process skills with fifty or more educators.
  • This upcoming September, Thrill Mill will host over 20 interdisciplinary programs dedicated to innovation, learning, and new ideas, including the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival. Thrival Innovation sessions are expected to reach 3,000 community members.
  • The Pittsburgh Technology Council will host The Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC), to impact approximately 600 educators and over 100 students. All of the events will take place at the Montour School District High School. TRETC draws from a 150 mile radius with about 70% of the participants classroom teachers.
  • West Virginia Public Broadcasting will increase registrants to West Virginia LearningMedia, PBS’s Digital Library Resource, by 30%.
  • Neighborhood Learning Alliance will train 30 high school students to be effective reading and STEM educators and mentors to 125 low income elementary students through the after school Warrior program.
  • Kidsburgh.org, an online resource which highlights the inspired ideas and people shaping the future of children’s learning, health and play in the Pittsburgh region, will have a devoted section to “Remake Learning.”  Parents, educators and caregivers can read continuous coverage throughout the year about Remake Learning news and events.  In addition, Kidsburgh.org will strategically work with media partners NextPittsburgh.com, KDKA TV and others to broadly share Remake Learning news.