Remake Learning Days Across America 2020

Regional Lead Request for Proposal 

Thank you for your interest in participating as a regional lead in Remake Learning Days Across America 2020. Remake Learning Days began in southwestern Pennsylvania in 2016 as a learning festival for local students, families, and caregivers to experience innovative, hands-on learning. In 2019, Remake Learning Days took root in nine regions across the nation, officially launching Remake Learning Days Across America (RLDAA).

In 2019, RLDAA’s inaugural year, over 850 events took place in nine regional festivals across the country. Regional leads partnered with local organizations – like schools, museums, parks, libraries, after school programs, child care centers, universities, media centers, and more – to host hands-on learning events across a variety of themes.

In 2020, RLDAA will build on this successful model by inviting cities and regions across the country to host their own family-friendly festival focused on the future of learning.

Through a network of national festivals, RLDAA is working to:

  • Engage youth in grades Pre-K through 12, and their parents, families, and caregivers in the future of learning in their own communities;
  • Strengthen connections between youth, families, and community spaces like libraries, museums, parks, schools, family support centers, and others;
  • Build and strengthen local educational/learning networks within host communities; and
  • Demonstrate the presence and power of innovative learning within host communities, particularly for community leadership, including local legislators.

RLDAA regional leads will help further these goals in their city, region, or community.

As such, RFP applicants should be prepared to:

  • Coordinate a RLDAA festival in their city or region between the days of April 23 – May 23, 2020;
  • Take responsibility for regional fundraising, engaging event hosts and partners, event evaluation, and marketing/PR;
  • Understand roles of RLDAA contributors that come together to create an engaging festival in your region and across the country;
  • Center their festival on diverse, equitable, and inclusive future-focused learning; 
  • Actively engage youth, parents, families, and caregivers in their region; and
  • Be part of a national cohort of other RLDAA regional leads, which will allow you access to and use of a world-class RLDAA website, technical assistance, marketing/PR support, and evaluation and financial assistance. 

Through partnership with regional leads, RLDAA looks forward to another engaging spring of multi-region, innovative learning festivals in 2020.

RLDAA Common Commitments

To be considered as a Remake Learning Days Across America Regional Lead for 2020, you must adhere to the following commitments from October 2019 – June 2020. Funding distribution will be released based on completing these commitments. Please learn more about the RLDAA 2020 Common Commitments.

RLDAA 2020 Request For Proposal Form

Regional Lead Request for Proposal

Please complete the following Request For Proposal by September 13, 2019 to be selected as a Regional Lead.

RLDAA Regional Lead: Will receive financial support of up-to $15,000.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to National Producer Dorie Taylor at Thank you.

  • Organizational Information:

    Please tell us more about you and your organization. *An organization must serve as the Regional Lead organization for RLDAA.
  • (50 words)
  • Staffing Capacity:

    Please share with us your intended staffing structure for RLDAA. Will one person serve as both Producer and Marketing & Communications coordinator or do you have separate staff for each role?
  • Name
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  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI):

    Remake Learning Days Across America values engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices. We celebrate learning happening across diverse communities -- rural, urban, and suburban -- and especially seek to champion and engage marginalized and under-resourced communities.
  • Funding & Budget:

    Please share generally how you would best use grant funds from RLDAA.

    We recommend you think about:
    - How will you compensate staff?
    Consider the amount of time expected of them.
    - How will you compensate planning partners?
    We strongly encourage regional leads to compensate planning partners in some way, even if not through this budget.
    - How will you support event hosts?
    We encourage regions to offer need-based micro-grants to help under-resourced organizations host events.
    - How will you support DEI initiatives?
    Consider how you will ensure that events take place in marginalized communities, and that events are accessible to diverse audiences, especially those who have been traditionally under-served.
    - What is your marketing budget?
    Consider how you will prioritize event promotion through paid and other partner channels.
    - What in-kind or other resources will you bring?
    Consider applying matching grant funds from your region to this budget

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx.
  • Letters of support:

    Please attach letters of support for you and your organization to be a RLDAA Regional Lead from the following...
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  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
  • Thank you!

    We appreciate your interest in RLDAA and your RFP submission.
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