Dinos in the Park: a Family STEAM Adventure

Mt Angel Public Library Oregon
Oregon Humpert Park 400 Humpert St.
Mt. Angel, OR
  • 05/15/2021 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (PST)
  • Free
    • Pre-K
    • K-2
    • Grades 3-5

About this event

Join us in Humpert Park May 15th 11:00-1:00 for Dino-mite adventure for the entire family! Explore the history of dinos in Oregon, discover what makes a dino a dino, examine dinosaur fossils, and more through hands-on exhibits, activities, take-home packets, prizes and even a dino-snack!. This free activity is brought to you by Mt. Angel Public Library and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Humpert Park located at 400 Humpert St. Mt. Angel, OR will be the site of an exciting Family STEAM Adventure on Saturday, May 15th from 11:00-1:00. Brought to you by the Mt. Angel Public Library and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, the museum quality, hands-on exhibits will answer the questions:  “What Makes a Dinosaur a Dinosaur?” “How Do We Know About Dinosaurs?” “When Did Dinosaurs Live?” “Why Are Dinosaur Fossils so Rare in Oregon?” “What Fossils Are Found in Oregon?” and “Do All Dinosaurs Have Big Feet?”  Through the hands-on activities, participants will explore Oregon’s Dino-Story through Fossil Investigation, Paleo-Art, Paleo Puzzles, Mystery Fossil Find, Making Fossils, Layers of Time Fossils and a Fossilicious Parfait! All participants will be entered for dino-mite prize drawings and will leave with a take-home activity kit to keep on exploring. Other activities that will continue through the month on May include a Dinosaur Book Walk and a Sidewalk Dinosaur Obstacle Course, both located at Mt. Angel Public Library, 290 E. Charles St. Mt. Angel.


  • Event Type
    In Person
  • Date(s)
    1. May 15 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (PST)
  • Cost
  • Age Group(s)
    • Pre-K
    • K-2
    • Grades 3-5
  • Professional development opportunity
  • Accessibility Accommodations
    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Handicapped parking
    • Service animals



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