Discover Your Agilities & Draw Your Future

Hosted by KC Social Innovation Center Kansas City
Kansas City Plexpod Crossroads 1712 Main St
  • Friday, May 8 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Free
  • Grades 9-12

About this event

KCSIC is a nonprofit impact agency with a mission to create economic opportunity and social impact by advancing innovation in learning, workforce development, and human capital initiatives in an age of digital transformation.

The power of visualization has been recognized for centuries as a method to increase motivation and performance. Visualization can trick the mind into overcoming self-doubt and fear by making the unknown known1, improving skills as effectively as real practice2, and determining the perception of reality.3,4 Together, these form a powerful tool for goal setting. Learning how to enhance these aspects of self-growth provides an opportunity to create a valuable impact in students’ lives as they look toward their future. Recognizing this capacity for growth, The DeBruce Foundation partnered with Patti Dobrowolski of Up Your Creative Genius to combine her interactive workshop Draw Your Future with the Agile Work Profile, creating a beneficial career planning workshop for students.

Designed to be an engaging and fun goal-setting workshop, Draw Your Future invites students to think critically about their Agilities within the context of their current reality, desired future, and the necessary steps to achieve their goals. A trained facilitator guides the group through an envisioning and drawing process, through which students gain clarity, alignment, and motivation to take action toward exploring future personal and career goals. Before the workshop, participants are encouraged to take the AWP to learn their Agilities and give them an additional tool to leverage while experiencing the workshop.

As students proceed through the activity, they populate a Draw Your Future template with words and images that bring their goals to life. When placed in plain view, the finished product creates a daily reminder of the original goals and the identified three bold steps to reach them. By the end of the session, participants leave with a greater sense of agency and understanding of their strengths and how their strengths and Agilities can prepare them for their future. In addition, they learn a lifelong skillset and process which can be used to address any crossroads or obstacles.

[1] Schacter, Daniel L et al. “The future of memory: remembering, imagining, and the brain.” Neuron vol. 76,4 (2012): 677-94. doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2012.11.001

[2] Randolph, Keith. “Sports Visualizations.” Llewellyn Worldwide, Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., 15 May 2002,

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Friday, May 8
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Primary theme
Youth Voice
Secondary themes
Appropriate grade level
Grades 9-12
Professional Development Opportunity


Cheyenne Squire
Collaborating Organization(s):
DeBruce Foundation UpYourCreativeGenius

Kansas City

Plexpod Crossroads
1712 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64108 United States
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