Family STEAM Day at Daley College’s Arturo Velasquez Institute

Hosted by Richard J. Daley's Arturo Velasquez Institute
Saturday, May 18 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • This event has passed.

The Arturo Velasquez Institute (AVI) is the satellite campus of Richard J. Daley College, a public post-secondary institution which offers a variety of programs to enrich the personal and professional lives of the communities it serves.

Kids will practice their communication and problem-solving skills to complete STEAM challenges led by our educators. Families will also be able to walk through a showcase of the classes that we offer for kids and adults at Daley’s AVI campus; and instructors will give families a taste of different classes, such as computer classes, academic enrichment, Tae Kwon Do, crafts, swimming, ballet, and others. Select activities will be conducted in Spanish and English.

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