Science of Tortillas

UC San Diego CREATE ( CSSI ) San Diego County
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  • 05/18/2021 4:00 pm - 4:00 pm (PST)
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    • All ages

About this event

As many of us are familiar with tortillas, most of us cannot describe the science behind them. This lesson is designed to describe the Biology, the Chemistry, the Physics, and the Engineering that are embedded in the making of a single tortilla!

Hello family and friends,

We are UC San Diego CREATE CSSI Outreach team. We are a science based outreach group that focus in teaching STEM to K-12. We are responsible for taking science to different communities that have been disconnected from science.

We do science demonstrations from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Health, and many more. We try to keep our demos low-cost so that you all can replicate and do them straight from home.

In this event of the ‘Science of Tortillas’ we focus on bringing you the core science that goes into what makes up a single tortilla. We talk about the Biology aspect in how corn is grown and modified through out the years, we talk about the nixtamlaization process, which in other words is a chemical reaction that takes place with in the kernel of the corn, we talk about the physics and engineering part by showing how particles interact with one another to give you the iconic shape of a tortilla and the innovative tools that have been design to make this source of alimentation more easy and accessible.

This is a very exciting lesson that will educate in many of the fields of science, but it will aslo get you hungry.

Note, this is one of the minimal science products that you can eat. Usually you should refrain from putting anything in your mouth or touching your face when dealing with science.  Always follow instructions and wear protective gear if it is provided.

Enjoy this and other STEM+ series videos here.


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    1. May 18 4:00 pm - 4:00 pm (PST)
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Virtual Event

The event link provided will take you to a webpage where you will register for the Science of Tortillas event. There will be science kits available on a first come basis, so please register to have the opportunity to receive a kit.
Once you have register the Zoom link will be provided for you to attend.
Note: even though is says that is virtual we will be doing the session live!
Expect to see you all there and have an A-MAIZE-ING day!

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