Virtual Cave Tour & Activity Packets with Cave of the Mounds

Cave of the Mounds Badgerland (South Wisconsin)
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Enjoy Science Experiments, Activity Packets, Guidebooks, Virtual Tours, and Educational Videos ready at your fingertips to learn more about Caves, Fossils, and Geology!

Every wonder what it is like in a cave?  Or how they even came to be?

Come explore the under world with the Cave of the Mounds!

Learn about caves and how they came to be in Wisconsin!

Watch this short Cave of the Mounds Video about the history of the cave and how it was discovered!

If you cannot make it to the cave, try a Virtual Cave of the Mounds 360° Tour instead!

Learn and explore what you’ve seen!  Visit our Virtual Learning page and download Educational Activity Packets that include coloring sheets, educational videos about rocks and geodes, and a science experiment packet with 30+ geology experiments.

And don’t forget to download and check out the Geologic Timeline Guidebook!

If you are able to visit the Cave of the Mounds, download the Cave Map and map of our grounds!


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Virtual Event

This link is to all our virtual resources that are available to use at any time!

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