Millions of American families have unexpectedly embarked on a new journey of “stay-at-home” and remote learning. It is affecting parents/caregivers and families, students and kids, teachers and after-school educators, and more. Without warning, we’re all in the middle of a massive behavioral experiment — a seismic shift in how our kids learn and how families and teachers interact with learning.

RLDAA has been focused on education innovation, learning ecosystems and the importance of getting parents directly engaged in kids’ learning since our inception. In this new learning landscape, we want to discover and document what people are experiencing. What are you discovering about the current state of learning and what could the future of learning look like? Please post any thoughts on social media during this unique time and include the hashtag #learninglessons. WE are curious if you are feeling how we are feeling… worried and overwhelmed at some moments, and at others hopeful and grateful that we have a strong sense of community and faith the “we got this.”

If you’ll post on social media with the hashtag #LearningLessons, we’ll track what anyone in the world says. We’ll provide an update every two weeks on what we’re learning from you. Please feel free to share about anything – whether or not it’s directly related to educator, learning and youth. We want to hear about all the lessons you’re learning. If helpful, here are some prompt questions:

  •  What are you discovering?
  • What are you wondering?
  • What are you questioning?
  • How are family interactions changing?
  • How do you think we should help modern families?
  • What does this look like if students are not in classrooms for the rest of this school year?
  • What do you think about virtual school or remote learning? Have you learned anything new to share that can help other families? What are your tips?
  • What are you scared about for your kids? For you as the caregiver?
  • How is this affecting equity or the education gap?
  • What educational innovations have you discovered? Or what educational innovations do you wish was already going on?
  • What surprises – good or bad – have come from this experience?
  • How are you feeling today?

We know your answers can change between today and tomorrow, and be totally different next week. So, please continually share your #LearningLessons. Whether you are a youth, parent/caregiver, a teacher, a mentor, a business/nonprofit leader or any other concerned citizen, we hope to hear from you. Let’s document what is happening and we’ll share what we learn from you.