Theme Days

Preparing young people to thrive in the digital age means building on the basics and connecting students with deeper learning experiences that develop real-world skills and cultivate creativity and imagination.

So, how do we prepare kids to thrive in a world of constant change? Today’s students must learn how to learn, be curious on how different topics intersect and be confident in their inner creativity.

With more than 250 events during Remake Learning Days, this is one of the world’s largest open house for hands-on learning for youth, families, grandparents and educators to discover creative ways of learning. To help navigate all the events, below are helpful themes. Please note that some events may feature a primary theme and additional secondary themes.


Arts features hands-on learning and expression through all kids of art including: theatre, dance, visual art, music, photography, and more!


“Making” is about taking things apart and putting it back together. Tinker, build, and create with all kinds of materials. Try a 3D printer, take apart a toy to see what’s inside and then rebuild it, or create a marshmallow tower!

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning is about experiencing and learning about the natural world. How can we think about the environment, sustainability, and more by exploring our very own back yards?


Science is all about experimentation! Kids and adults can explore chemistry, biology, geography and more. How does our world work? What can we test and explore in the world around us?


Technology gives kids the chance to explore their digital world. Want to try coding? Build robots? Learn circuitry? Look for technology events that help you discover new things.

Youth Voice

Youth Voice is about youth leadership and amplifying youth voice. Youth have the ability to express themselves in so many ways such as: through audio, video, art, music, and more. Youth voice-related events highlight how youth express themselves in their own ways.

Professional Development

For traditional and non-traditional educators, credited and non-credited professional development featuring STEAM-inspired learning is offered by various organizations.