Rainy Days and Mondays…

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Rainy Days and Mondays… Don’t always have to get you down!

It’s going to be a wet week in southern Wisconsin. But do not despair! Spring is here and there are dozens of activities to celebrate the season, both indoors and outdoors.

Wondering what to do with the kids during a wet week?  Or how to celebrate this new round of seasonal precipitation?

Check out this great resource on weather and seasons, brought to you by the clever folks at PBS Learning Media and PBS Wisconsin Education.  

These activities, and others like it, will be available for free as part of the next month’s upcoming Remake Learning Days: Badgerland festival, April 22 through May 15, 2021.

This year’s festival, featuring virtual and on-demand programs, take-home kits and socially-distanced in-person events for preschool through high school youth, will showcase free and low-cost learning activities from a mix of Wisconsin organizations, including museums, arts and youth organizations, afterschool clubs and local libraries.

Over 3 dozen local organizations are working behind the scenes to plan Badgerland’s “Remake Learning Days” festival — a celebration of engaging learning experiences,  like the Metropolitan Sewerage District’s “Virtual Tour of Nine Springs” and the WI Science Festival’s “Student Citizen Science Water Inquiry” — which is scheduled to launch Earth Day, April 22 and run through May 15, 2021.   

Don’t feel like getting your hands wet?

You can explore dozens of other activities centered around the learning themes of arts, science, outdoor learning, tech, maker ed, and youth voice via the searchable website.    

Whatever the weather, take a sneak peek at some of the early offerings via the Festival’s searchable events calendar here. Be sure to check back in April for the Official Launch and updated offerings!

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