For the past two weeks, the Remake Learning community came together to celebrate and showcase the amazing work happening to improve education for every learner in southwest Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

First, we gathered at PNC Park, where Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto made it officialRemake Learning Days May 15-26, 2017Over 300 events and 30 news stories later, Remake Learning Days was the world’s largest open house for hands-on learning.

We conducted experiments with budding citizen scientists. We built robots that roll, fly, throw, and dance. We tinkered with old toys and printed new ones. We helped young people express themselves through poetry, rap, theatre, and more. We built hotels for bugs and learned about nature by getting out into it. We performed, painted, and danced.

If you attended a Remake Learning Days event, thank you! We hope you had a great time and found a new local learning space or two that you’ll return to.

We’ll use this mailing list to send you occasional updates about future Remake Learning Days, as well as big events coming up for kids and families, but until then, check out these other resources and events for making the most out of your summer (and beyond):