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May 2-22, 2024

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Meet Our Ambassadors! 

Meet Our Ambassadors! 

Meet Our Parent/Teacher and Youth Ambassadors

Meet Our Ambassadors

Wonder, Explore, & Learn Together!

Join us for the statewide festival through May 2 – May 22, 2024, a hands-on learning festival for families across Pennsylvania.

Together with our partners, we are bringing Remake Learning Days to Northwestern PA in 2024. We are connecting schools, public libraries, conservation districts, state parks, community centers, local businesses, AND families throughout the region for Remake Learning Days in 2024!

These events will allow youth, families, grandparents, caregivers, and educators to explore creative and fun ways of learning. Build a robot, make an art product, explore the outdoors, learn to code or laser print! We are excited to grow science, art, technology, engineering, outdoor learning and educational curiosity throughout Northwestern PA with you!


Meet Our Parent/Teacher Ambassadors and our Youth Ambassadors! 


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