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May 1 - 16, 2024

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Kansas City is a community of learning! Take part in Remake Learning Days May 1-16, 2024, as a variety of organizations — such as schools, libraries, nonprofits, businesses and other community partners — put together amazing innovative learning experiences for youth and families to enjoy.

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Friends from across Kansas City’s learning community welcome you to take part in Remake Learning Days.

See why YOU may want to host a Remake Learning Days event

We had a GREAT time during Kansas City’s earlier Remake Learning Days festivals! Take a look at some of the fun ways young people and families came together to learn and what our event hosts gained from the experience.

Remake Learning Days - Kansas City Sponsors

KC STEM Alliance is grateful to the generous support of The DeBruce Foundation for Remake Learning Days.

KC STEM Alliance

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STEM Connect-KC is Kansas City’s STEM learning ecosystem, designed to engage young people in science, technologyengineering and math through strong interconnected community networks that integrate a full range of innovative learning experiences. KC STEM Alliance serves as the convener, working with a leadership team to encourage all parts of the community to actively engage in this work.