Northwestern PA looks forward to more than 100 hands-on learning events

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“If parents know that their kiddo is showing an interest in an area, that’s a great way to find events that are related to families and the child’s interest.”

For Thousands of Pennsylvania Students, Hands-on Learning During Remake Learning Days Is a Step Toward a Career Ready PA

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Later this month, kindergarten through high school students in communities across Pennsylvania will spend time learning first-hand how video games are made, or learn a chef’s tools for making a…

Don’t miss the Remake Learning Days festival, arriving soon to celebrate hands-on learning and innovation happening right in our own backyard!

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After a most challenging year for education, what if you and your children could enjoy hundreds of free events that remind the whole family just how fun learning can be? …

RLDAA wraps up a remarkable year of learning innovation with international awards and panel appearances

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by Melissa Rayworth The work of remaking learning — and connecting parents, families and caregivers to that learning — has looked different this year than anyone might have imagined. While…

Dr. Megan Freeman gives parents valuable insight during the first session of the “So Now What? Helping Parents & Caregivers Navigate a School Year Like No Other” series.

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Parents and caregivers learn reliable, evidence-based information to help them and their kids navigate back-to-school.