Remake Learning Days Chi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interested in hosting a Remake Learning Days Chi event, check out the frequently asked questions below.

1. What is Remake Learning Days Chi (RLD Chi)?
Remake Learning Days Chi is our region’s first-ever festival of innovative experiences and opportunities for youth to develop their sense of creativity, perseverance and curiosity. These events across Chicago and Evanston are designed to be hands-on, relevant and engaging educational experiences for youth of all ages (pre-K through young adults) and their families, caregivers and educators. The majority of events are free and open to kids of all ages.

2. Who can host a RLD Chi event(s)?
Remake Learning Days Chi events are hosted by a variety of organizations, such as schools, museums, libraries, after school organizations, early child care centers, universities, tech startups and more. Any organization in Chicago or Evanston is welcome to host a free event. To host an event(s), please submit your event by Feb. 14 via

3. What does a Remake Learning Days Chi event look like? Does it have to be a new event?
There is no one standard Remake Learning Days Chi event. An event can range from a one hour puppet making workshop to a two hour spoken word showcase to a full day at a maker lab.

RLD Chi events don’t have to be new. If you have an existing learning opportunity that fits into one of the following themes: arts, maker, science, technology, outdoor learning, science, technology, youth voice, or professional development, you can host a Remake Learning Days Chi event.

4. Why participate in Remake Learning Days Chi?
Do you believe that youth and families who need it the most should have opportunities to develop their sense of creativity, perseverance, and curiosity? Do you believe there are assets in every neighborhood in Chicago and Evanston and potential in every child? If yes, you’re like us and our larger community of over 200+ partners. RLD Chi will also provide an opportunity to showcase and recruit. RLD Chi will be local to our Chicagoland region, but connected to a national effort as well.

5. When is Remake Learning Days Chi?
It’s from May 16 – 19, 2019. CLX will host a kick-off celebration on Thursday, May 16. On subsequent days (i.e. Fri to Sun), RLD Chi event hosts will offer 100 learning opportunities. We will have more concentrated activities in neighborhood learning hubs (i.e. Austin and Evanston).

6. Where can I host a Remake Learning Days Chi event?
Most Remake Learning Days Chi events should be at your organization’s physical location(s). If you’re an individual and looking for a space, please complete the following interest form:

7. Is there any support if you are interested in hosting a Remake Learning Days Chi event?
If you meet the funding criteria mentioned in the event google form, the Chicago Learning Exchange —the presenting organization for RLD Chi—is also pleased to offer micro-stipends to the first 100 organizations who sign up to host a RLD Chi event. We limit one request per organization.

Remake Learning Days Chi Event Checklist!

Before completing the RLD Event form, have you confirmed the following information:

  1. Is your event open to the public? 
  2. Date/time of your event: Have you confirmed the date/time with key stakeholders? 
  3. Event location: Where will your event be held? Is this 100% confirmed? 
  4. Staffing for your event: Have you confirmed who will lead the event, day-of, at the confirmed location?
  5. Event Budget: Have you thought about what materials/food/supplies you’ll need, how much it will cost, and what your plan is for funding your event?
  6. Marketing Plan: Do you have a plan for how you will market your event to your networks?
  7. Event Name and Description: Do you have a great name and description for your event? See an example from another region here.
  8. Tracking RSVPs to Your Event: Are you prepared to track RSVPs to your event?           If you do not already have a method for collecting RSVPs, we recommend using Eventbrite. Please create your Eventbrite page first before submitting your “Host An Event” form for your Remake Learning Days event and then submit your Eventbrite link during the RLD event registration process. Click here for a guide to create  an Eventbrite page. If you prefer using a different RSVP mechanism, simply enter the appropriate link during the registration process.

If you answered ‘no’ to any question, please secure the above items to host a successful event. Then return back to the Host An Event page to submit an event. If you’re generally interested but unsure about hosting a Remake Learning Days Chi event, email

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions above, visit: