Dairy farming with drones? Handmade headphones? Remake Learning Days brings tons of STEM fun to Central PA

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Remake Learning Days in Central Pennsylvania will bring a range of multidisciplinary learning events to neighborhoods across almost all 12 counties of Central Pennsylvania. With the help of many organizations and community members, the festival will provide youth and families with immersive learning experiences from May 12-23.

“I believe it takes a village to raise a child,” said Amanda Smith, director of K-12 engagement at Penn State and executive director of ENGINE of Central Pa., “We have so many community organizations coming out of the woodwork to help show families the education that happens in the schools and community.”

The Central PA community has come together to create educational events for the children to find their interests. And many of these may surprise kids as they show the many, multidisciplinary ways that STEM learning is used in the real world. A great example: One event teaches how dairy farms are now using drone technology.

“It’s really about where we are headed as a society,” said Smith. “There are some great things happening so your children and youth with their families can learn about the careers of tomorrow, and the skill sets they need. I think Remake Learning Days is a perfect way to elevate the careers in Pennsylvania.”

This will be the second year for the festival in the Central PA region. Last year, most of the events had to be virtual because of the pandemic. Organizers did their best to cover thousands of students and families virtually across the region. But this year,  there’s even more fun to be had: The plan is to do even better than last year with many more in-person events.

“I am most excited about seeing the joy on kids’ faces this year as they participate with their families in such a critical piece, because we’ve been climbing out of this pandemic,” said Smith. “It’s wonderful to celebrate learning and to do so with students and families together.”


Family-engaged learning is critical for children’s growth. Remake Learning Days emphasizes that by allowing families to learn alongside their child to help better shape their interests and passions into skills for careers.

“From our children’s and youth’s perspectives, knowing they have their families support in what they are interested in learning, whether their caregivers are proficient in their interest or not, is crucial for learners’ self-concept and self-confidence in pursuing a [career] path,” said Peney Wright, TIU 11 STEM/STEAM curriculum and instruction specialist and Central Pa. regional director of Remake Learning Days.

5 Events to Look Forward to in Central, Pa. from May 12-23

  1. 5/14- Engineer Your Own Speaker: Follow in the footsteps of James Edward Maceo West and engineer your own speakers and walk away with some cool new handmade headphones at Discovery Space of Central Pa.
  2. 5/17- Free Wheeling Day: Enjoy a hands-on career exploration experience with local businesses who use vehicles as a backdrop to discuss careers with fourth graders at Indian Valley Elementary Center.
  3. 5/20- Farmer Friday: Find out how a dairy farmer can utilize a drone on his operation and other technology used in agriculture during this virtual event.
  4. 5/21- HCC Lego Build Off: Free your imagination and build a Lego showpiece at Huntingdon Community Center.
  5. 5/21- STEAM Fun Festival: Join Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA to explore STEAM at Camp Happy Valley by visiting stations around camp to get hands-on experience with experts in their fields.

Central Pa.’s festival has some great sponsors and partners helping make an impactful event this year. People Technology Center had a student design a rack card to display Remake Learning Days to the region. Three PBS stations, WPSU, WITF and PBS 39, showcased Remake Learning days to their PBS communities.

And in addition, the five intermediate units in the area (IU10, IU11, IU13, IU15 and IU29) partnered with local schools and libraries to create the events and get the word out, so students and their families can enjoy these events.

Search here for more Remake Learning Days events in Central PA!

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