What is the Remake Learning Days Festival? Is there one big festival event?

There is no one, single festival event. The festival comprises all the organizations that host events during the festival timeframe. These events take place all over the DC, MD, VA metro region and can happen at any time of day, in-person or virtual. The goal is to have a wealth of experiences kids and educators can access during this time, bringing attention to all that is available.


Why should we host an event?

Hosting an event is an opportunity to build community, learn from peers, and expand local and national awareness of innovative learning opportunities in the DMV. Plus, host organizations can take advantage of promotional resources of the festival, including media support.


Who are the target audience for the festival communications?

Parents with children of all ages and educators looking for professional development opportunities.


How impactful was the festival last year?

Marketing of Remake Learning Learning Days reached about 100,000 families. In addition, social media impressions of the #remakelearninDMV hashtag reached 1.3 million. Museums, libraries, community centers, schools, science centers, and more hosted over 60 events across our region.


Who can host events?

Any nonprofit organization or for-profit organization, including but not limited to schools, libraries, museums, art spaces, tech companies, maker spaces, parks, and community centers.


Are there any limitations on types of events?

Events should be for kids and educators and preferably support one more of the learning themes: Arts, Maker, Outdoor Learning, Science, Technology, Youth Voice, Professional development.


Do I need to create a new event specifically for the festival?

No. Existing events qualify as long as they promote creative, hands-on learning, fall with the festival dates, and support one or more of the learning themes.


How do I submit my event?

To submit your event, complete the online web form (https://remakelearningdays.org/event-submission/) and include your event details: name, audience, ages, date, time, place, short description, picture or logo.