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Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge – How to Participate

Career Ready PA is excited to uplift Remake Learning Days events and provide a seamless opportunity for students to obtain artifacts for their career portfolio by participating in festival events.

The Remake Learning Days festival takes place across Pennsylvania between May 12-23, 2022.  A variety of organizations showcase host free events for all age groups and provide hands-on learning opportunities.  Participating organizations include libraries, schools, tech centers, museums, play spaces, community centers and more.

Did you know that 91% of STEM jobs in Pennsylvania will require some form of a postsecondary credential? Participating in hands-on learning is one way to learn STEM and employability skills.  The STEM career tree has many branches, and you may explore one at the Remake Learning Days festival.

Did you ever think that creating an invention, learning to code, or planting a garden builds employability skills?  Activities like learning how to fly a drone, marketing a product, and helping your community is a foundation to your future career pathway!

Events listed under Career Ready PA qualify for the Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge.  Students who participate will earn a Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge badge.  Career Ready PA will also award a banner to schools with up to 100 artifacts.

When students finish the event, they will need to complete the artifact survey on the Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge page.  This survey will be shared with your school so you can earn your badge and get career portfolio credit for the Backpack Challenge!

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