What is the Remake Learning Days – North Central PA Festival?

  • Remake Learning Days is an international celebration of innovative experiences and opportunities for youth to develop their sense of creativity, perseverance and curiosity.  The Festival began in Pittsburgh (home of Mr. Rogers and other youth-forward initiatives like Remake and quickly spread to other states.

Event Planning Tips

  1.  Make your event family-friendly. Remember – we’re trying to engage caregivers alongside their children!
  2.  Make it clear what families can learn or do at your event and what the hands-on activity will be.
  3.  It helps families plan if you give them an idea of the time frame for your event is or if it is a drop-in/drop-out event
  4.  Fun-themed informal events are eye-catching to families.
  5.  Families will search for events that are convenient in their schedule or align with their child’s interests.

Event Support

Remake Learning Days: North Central PA provides overarching publicity for the Festival and its events in our region.

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