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San Diego County presents Remake Learning Days festival for families.

Join us for Remake Learning Days in San Diego County. A variety of organizations — such as schools, libraries, nonprofits, businesses, and other community centers — will come together to provide our youth and families with innovative hands-on learning experiences showcasing the future of learning.

This year’s festival dates are April 22-May 23, 2021. 

Host an Event – Submit your event above by February 26th to be included in the national initiative outreach. Postings after that date will be included in the online database only.

If you have any questions, please contact Alina Mitchell at alinamitchell@sandiego.edu

and Dr. Erin English at erin.english@sdcoe.net


HundrED has selected this innovation to


San Diego: Pactful

Pactful is a social good innovation curriculum and app used globally by teens and teachers who want to build a better world. The digital platform and challenge events inspire users to leverage design thinking and an innovator’s mindset to create solutions aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


We are a collaborative team focused on accelerating, scaling, and amplifying the number and speed of innovations coming from the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE). We provide support to district and school leaders, staff, students, and the greater San Diego community to translate ideas into impact and generate new solutions at every level.

Our Purpose:

  • Provide opportunities and develop skills in students to make a difference in a dynamic world which changes what tomorrow looks like.
  • Improve access to information & resources when and where needed with equitable efficiency.
  • Identify barriers to student success and implements creative and measured solutions.
  • Prepare students for a dynamic world (tailored to their needs).
  • Empower students and staff to discover their own purpose and worth. Build staff efficacy, creatively fostering equitable access for all students, especially those with the highest-needs.

The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education at the University of San Diego is a non-profit R&D institute powering inclusive innovation and leadership in education. We are affiliated with the School of Leadership & Education Sciences, and engage in pioneering research and evaluation, development of innovative curriculum and technologies, and support professional learning grounded in the learning sciences. Our mission fosters inclusion, diversity and social justice in education. Our team includes researchers, designers, technologists and faculty.

Over the past eight years, The Jacobs Institute has established itself as a credible and important voice in education, particularly in advancing innovation and equity in our schools. Working across the spectrum of educational innovation, our work supports research and evaluation of ed innovation initiatives, development of new technologies, curriculum and pedagogical models, and support for educational organizations to sustain and scale their initiatives. Our partners are trans-disciplinary and we work in collaboration with districts, schools, and educational organizations and education-supporting companies.