Not in Pittsburgh, but love the idea of Remake Learning Days? With this toolkit, now you can host

Remake Learning Days Where You Live

Welcome to the Remake Learning Days Toolkit, an open-source guide for reproducing Remake Learning Days wherever you live. We like to call this Remake Learning Days “In-a-Box;” consider it a resource to jumpstart your planning process and get you well on your way to hosting a phenomenal series of events that allows parents and community members to experience the future of learning in their schools, museums, libraries, afterschool programs, and more.

Why host Remake Learning Days where you live?

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Ready to host your own version of Remake Learning Days? We’re here to help.


How to Host Remake Learning Days Where You Live:

Chapter 1:
What is Remake Learning Days?
The documents in this chapter will help explain the basics of Remake Learning Days.

Read Overview

Chapter 2: Understanding
This chapter explains the people that will make Remake Learning Days successful.

Understand Roles

Chapter 3: What’s included the Asset Library?
Learn more about each of the tools and resources provided in this toolkit.

Preview the Library

Chapter 4: It’s Time to Start Planning.
These are the first resources you’ll need to host a successful Remake Learning Days wherever you live.

Start Planning

Chapter 5: Asset Library.
The library of assets that guide marketing, evaluation, budgeting, and more.

Visit the Library