About RLD Parent and Teacher Ambassadors

The Remake Learning Days Ambassador Program is an opportunity for parents and teachers to help increase awareness, enthusiasm, and attendance during Remake Learning Days (RLD). We know that parents trust information from other parents and from teachers. We want to use that influence to promote Remake Learning Days to families across Pennsylvania!

As an RLD Ambassador, you will cover two Remake Learning Days events taking place in your region.
“Coverage” of an event includes the creation of an event promo, attendance of the event, and an event review. Ambassadors are eligible for a honorarium of up to $250.

RLD Ambassadors will receive guidance from the festival in the form of virtual training and office hour sessions. as well as a digital toolkit with self help resources. Successful Ambassadors will think creatively and act independently as they create their promos and reviews. Key to this success is communication: Ambassadors should be ready and able to stay in touch via email in order to communicate their needs and provide feedback.

No prior experience is necessary! All parents/caregivers and teachers are welcome to apply.

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Have questions? Email Miriam Krause at miriam@remakelearning.org.