For the 2021 Remake Learning Days – SWPA festival, we created our first-ever Pittsburgh-based Youth Ambassadors Program for Remake Learning Days, in partnership with Carlow University’s Center for Youth Media Advocacy and Saturday Light Brigade with support from American Eagle. Our goals were to engage teens (grades 9-12) for their perspective on what community learning looks like in Pittsburgh.

Thank you to American Eagle and Carlow University for their support of the Youth Ambassadors program.

Meet the 2021 Youth Ambassadors

Meet the Youth Ambassadors from 2021 Remake Learning Days! Listen to audio introductions from each of our ambassadors with this Soundcloud playlist. You can also read more in this blog post.




Alexander Zielinski

Alex is a 10th grade student attending Valley Junior Senior High School. The list of communities they’re apart of is as short as he is, however he’s still just as excited and passionate about being open with his and many others’ struggles– and how to help other youth such as him in his school (such as setting up a club, for such, to allow one to speak up in their groups). Alexander is more than eager to help other people gain more learning opportunities while he’s a part of this program. 




Amira Johnson

Amira is an Engineering Scholar and current senior at Pittsburgh Science and Technology with integrated interests in Computer Science and Biology. Aspiring to study Computational Biology at Carnegie Mellon University, Amira has immersed herself into the field by studying proteins in tumor metastasis and protein interaction and using engineering, data, and computer science to bring awareness to social issues in her community. Now, Amira uses her experience and gained skills to offer a solution to a more equitable college admissions process and combating gentrification. 




Caroline Michalow

Caroline is a senior in high school at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School. She is the president of the National Honors Society of Dance Arts, as well as the co-founder of the Book Club. She is passionate about mathematics and wants to focus on opportunities for women in STEM fields. Caroline is excited to work with Remake Learning Days as a Youth Ambassador! 


Coleman Connelly

Coleman goes to Brashear High school and is in the 11th grade. He is part of Brashear student council, golf, and swimming teams. He is also a member of the PPS Student and Government Council. Outside of school, he hikes with family and plays video games with friends. 


Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith is a senior at Pittsburgh SciTech where she leads the Gender & Sexuality Alliance and Interact clubs and is a student leader on Student Advisory Council. She is passionate about Social Justice, LGBTQ+ issues, and Student Voice. She is a HERlead Fellow, has attended the ACLU National Advocacy Institute, and will attend Carnegie Mellon University in the Fall. Lauren is looking forward to being a Remake Learning Days Youth Ambassador to raise awareness about events that have an impact.


Kacie Lombard

Kacie is a 10th grade student at Frazier High School, located in Fayette County. She is a member of the Frazier HIgh School Golf team. Kacie has also participated in Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture – Architecture Exploration program for the past 7 years. She enjoys art, history and music. Kacie is passionate about social justice issues such as how to eliminate systemic racism and racial inequality.  Kacie is excited to be a Remake Learning Days Youth Ambassador to learn about new and different learning opportunities and share these experiences with other teens. 


Myra Jafri

Myra is a 12th grade student at North Allegheny Senior High School. She is on the debate team and has participated in Interact Club for 2 years. He is passionate about social justice, advocates, educates herself, and participates in GirlGov. 




Oluwatomisin Olaore

Oluwatomisin is currently a junior at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12. She enjoys playing the saxophone, playing basketball, biking, and doing track at school. She is on the student council at CAPA, has participated in the INVESTING NOW Pre-College Program for three years, and the Artificial Intelligence Pathways Institute for two years. She is passionate about social justice. 




Sydney Dawson

Sydney is a senior at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School. She is co-founder of the Book Club and a member of Student Council and Strategy Games Club. She plans to study environmental science and sustainability. Sydney is thrilled with the opportunity Remake Learning Days has provided to promote learning and fun. 



Tomi Taiwo

Tomi is a senior at Taylor Allderdice High School. She is a Pittsburgh Promise Ambassador, she has been part of ARYSE Youth Steering Committee for 3 years, and  she is a World Affairs Council Youth board member. She is passionate about equality in the education system for Refugees and Immigrants students, and through her passion, she has been on multiple panels to share her experience as an Immigrant student and what educators can do to make learning inclusive to the Immigrants and Refugees students. She is excited to be a Remake Learning Days Youth Ambassador to share out-of-school learning opportunities with other refugees and immigrants students.


If you have questions, please reach out to Dorie Taylor at dorie@remakelearning.org. Thank you.